Scott Tips

Scott Tips


A UC Berkeley law-school graduate and long-time California-licensed attorney, Scott Tips was one of the first two food-and-drug lawyers West of the Mississippi. With an international clientele, Mr. Tips also engaged in business litigation, general business law, and nonprofit-organizational law. Since 1989, however, he has been the General Counsel for the National Health Federation, the World's oldest health-freedom organization for consumers, as well as the Editor-In-Chief of its journal, Health Freedom News. In 2007, he became NHF President, a position he has held continuously since then. Mr. Tips is a frequent speaker for the Federation and for health freedom on several continents.

Mr. Tips also writes a bi-monthly column for Whole Foods Magazine called "Legal Tips," which he started back in 1984. He compiled, edited, and published a book about the global organization Codex Alimentarius Commission’s attempts to limit individual freedom of choice in health matters entitled "Codex Alimentarius - Global Food Imperialism." This book was based upon many of his own personal observations and experiences participating in Codex meetings worldwide, which currently has been for 22 years, that is, for more meetings and years than all other health-freedom activists combined.



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