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Health & Food Freedoms / Aliens & the Paranormal

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Attorney Scott Tips specializes in food-and-drug and trademark law, with an international clientele. Since 1989, he has been the General Counsel for the National Health Federation, the world's oldest health-freedom organization for consumers. In the first half, he talked about global food imperialism and how agriculture practices fuel nutritional decline and possible risks to our health. He cited how steroid-like veterinary drugs such as ractopamine and zilpaterol are fed to cattle, pigs, and poultry so that they unnaturally produce more muscle and less fat. Such substances, he commented, are harmful to the animals and can be damaging to the humans who consume them.

Tips was also critical of the toxic herbicide glyphosate, which is sold in the billions of tons around the planet. It's almost impossible to avoid intake of it in our food unless you eat organic, he remarked. He reported on the legal case involving David Noakes, who was treating cancer patients with a naturally produced substance called GcMAF (Glyco-protein Macrophage Activating Factor) that was said to have a success rate of 80% or more. Tips represented him in court in the UK, after the pharmaceutical industry raised complaints against him and Noakes pled guilty in order to reduce prison time. Based in France for the last 27 years, Tips also shared his reactions as a European to the Russian attack on Ukraine.


Actor, experiencer, and researcher Bryan Dattilo is the host of the Conspiracies Inc. podcast. In the latter half, he spoke about his lifelong interest in the paranormal and his alien encounter experiences. He grew up in a home in Beverly Hills that had ghostly activity, and his mother, Peggy Datillo, hosted seances and past life regressions there. She also worked for the National Enquirer and befriended Bob Pratt, a UFO researcher who wrote for the paper, and this inspired their interest in flying saucers and aliens. A longtime actor on the soap, "Days of Our Lives," Datillo recently decided to share his fascination for the paranormal and ufology in his new podcast series. He has already interviewed such luminaries in the UFO field as Kathleen Marden, Yvonne Smith, Don Schmitt, and Nick Pope.

In the first two episodes of the series, he's hypnotized by therapist Yvonne Smith in order to recall his alien abduction experience, which began at his home in Culver City in 1993. The emotionally traumatic incident involved four small beings entering through his bedroom walls and abducting him into an examination area. Taller alien beings then brought in three young children, who had odd head shapes and eyes, and translucent skin, he detailed. For his podcast, Datillo also interviewed UCLA anthropology professor David Shorter, who shared an interesting theory about Roswell: the so-called aliens in the 1947 UFO crash were actually genetically modified humans flying a government-made re-engineered ship, and the cover-up was to conceal that information.

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