Mitchel Townsend

Mitchel Townsend


Mitchel Townsend recently co-authored a scientific paper which he says definitively proves the existence of an unidentified Bigfoot-like creature in the Mount St. Helen's area of Washington state. Their conclusions are confirmed, verified and have not been disproven or even questioned by the 30 PhD’s that they have sent it to for analysis. Additionally, he has taught two ground breaking "Bigfoot" courses at the college level.

Professor Townsend specializes in designing accelerated digital learning environments for adult learners in higher education and organizational training settings. He is a Presidential and International Honors Scholar with degrees from the University of Puget Sound (BA), Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology (MA), and has almost completed an (EdD) from the University of Calgary’s, Graduate Division of Educational Research focused upon creating global learning communities supported and augmented by social networking structures.



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