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Titanic Conspiracy/ Pictographic Mysteries

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In the first half of the show, attorney and researcher of mysteries Gordon James Gianninoto joined guest host Connie Willis (email) to discuss the 106th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. According to Gianninoto, the sunken vessel at the bottom of the Atlantic is not Titanic but a severely damaged sister ship called Olympic. "The Titanic never sank... there is so much evidence," he said. On its fifth voyage the Olympic suffered an at-fault collision with British naval cruiser HMS Hawke, Gianninoto reported. Due to financial pressure and likelihood of an impending war, a decision was made to place the Olympic's nameplate on the almost finished Titanic and vice versa, he added.

The initial "Titanic" crew thought the name change was bad luck and that White Star Line was going to sink the Olympic for insurance money, Gianninoto continued, noting the company raised its insurance on the vessel to $12 million and JP Morgan had removed expensive statues placed onboard. A ship called the Californian was sent to where "Titanic" was supposed to go down so crew and passengers could be rescued but the ship was 13 miles off course, Gianninoto disclosed. More than 1,500 people went down before another rescue ship made it to the area. The vessel lying two miles below the surface is the Olympic, not Titanic, and video footage of the wreckage proves it, Gianninoto suggested. Black paint is peeling off revealing gray paint (only Olympic had been painted gray), and letters which spell Olympic can be seen underneath a rusting "Titanic" nameplate, he revealed.


During the latter part of the program, Mitchel Townsend detailed how his research into Bigfoot led him to mysterious rocks he calls "pictographic stones." Townsend believes the rocks show depictions of organisms not classified on this planet, ships, transportation networks, and star charts of distant solar systems (Related Images). Townsend described how he felt called to survey a specific river area where he discovered luminous stones. "I noticed that there was what I felt were rocks glowing... they looked to me like they actually had some kind of energy or aura coming off these stones," he said, noting the rocks also had unusual markings on them.

Samples sent to various university departments were unable to be identified, Townsend reported. His own examination uncovered patterns with common shapes and themes, but an unexpected visitation revealed much more. According to Townsend, a light organism came down from a vehicle hovering over his house one night and rearranged the stones. There was a message in English which read, "We are coming," he said. Townsend believes the artifacts are data chips manipulated into rock which contain vast amounts of information. "They are multi-level holographic images that have been carved into these stones and printed pictographically into the subsurface porosity of these stones," he explained. Townsend admitted he needs expensive scientific equipment in order to decipher the messages these rocks contain.

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