Vicki Dobbs

Vicki Dobbs


Vicki Dobbs is a bold and adventurous warrior walking a path of heart to manifest spirituality in everyday lives. She opens existential gateways for individuals to face their challenges and embrace these tests as the great teachers that they are. Her goal is to see everyone walk in beauty and balance every day of their lives empowered by the voice of their own authentic truth.

Through Wisdom Evolution and Sacred Wisdom Workshops, Vicki creates opportunities for others to make deep personal changes through experiential classes, ceremony, sacred art and story. She endeavors to inspire others to create their lives intentionally. Vicki is an inspirator of everyday awareness, an instigator of spontaneous stories and a connoisseur of creativity. Her experience includes being trained in the Harner Method of Shamanic Counseling and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross Cultural Shamanism. She is a graduate teacher and mentor with the Lynn Andrews Center For Sacred Arts and Training and has been the administrator and writer's guide for Writing Spirit, the School.



Past Shows:

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    Teacher and psychologist Catherine Shainberg discussed the power of manifesting using imagery and dreams. Followed by author Vicki Dobbs on choosing yourself first instead of always being in service to others.More »

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