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Teacher, healer, psychologist, and dream and imagery expert, Catherine Shainberg, Ph.D., is the lineage holder for the Kabbalah of Light, as transmitted to her by Colette Aboulker-Muscat, revered Kabbalist and teacher. In the first half, she discussed the power of manifesting using imagery and dreams. The word Kabbalah means to receive, she said, and in its original version, it was a shamanic path involving a kind of waking dream state in which a person would receive images and revelations. It's an inner gazing that can happen during the day or at night because "we're always dreaming," she added. We are all made up of images that come to us from the "dream field," which incorporates ancestral, genetic, national, cultural, and global qualities, Shainberg continued.

From her Kabbalist lineage, she works with "Sapphire Imagery," short inductions that jolt ordinary thoughts away and open a window into the subconscious. In response to a question, the inductions may yield a dream or vision that can be revelatory, she explained. Shainberg has created over 150 simple exercises to help deal with anxiety, fear, anger, stress, and other issues. She presented an example for combatting anxiety that involves visualization: close your eyes and breathe out all of the anxiety, and then watch as your breath gets clearer and clearer, and the anxiety becomes a cloud outside you. When the breath is clear, break the cloud into thousands of pieces and let them dissolve. She also shared that if you have a dispute with someone, you can use your dream body to stand in their shoes to see their perspective.


As the founder of Wisdom Evolution and The You First Revolution, Vicki Dobbs has been helping people navigate their lives and business in a way that allows them to gift the world the best of themselves. She specializes in crafting virtual and in-person courses that include sacred creativity to anchor the teachings into our physical world. In the latter half, she talked about her new work, Get Off the Shelf, about choosing yourself first instead of always being in service to others and losing your identity and uniqueness. "The root of so much sadness in our world," she remarked, "is that we are constantly being pummeled with all that we don't have, can't do, shouldn't do, and [what we should] be afraid of...the world is forgetting the beauty that just is in being, and the gift that we have with this life."

Her book title "Get Off the Shelf" came from a dream she had where she saw herself sitting on the top of a bookshelf and realized it was a metaphor for people setting themselves aside. When someone is 'On the Shelf,' they may have given over their power to other people in their lives, or fallen into procrastination, depression, or frustration, she detailed. "Choose you first," she advised. "Give yourself permission to put you at the top of your priority list...It's not a selfish act...it's an act of self-sustaining survival."


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