Cathi Weber

Cathi Weber


Cathi Weber has been interested in the paranormal for years. She showcases her knowledge of her town on the very popular Willoughby Ghost Walk, a walking tour through downtown Willoughby, Ohio. She considers herself a "para-historian" and brings historically significant buildings to the attention of the public by highlighting the reported paranormal activity, along with stories, legends or lore attached to the property. In an effort to remind everyone that the responsibility for the preservation of these historic treasures is in everyone's hands, she regularly organizes public para-historical ghost hunting fundraisers which are always sold-out events. Weber is the co-founder, along with Theresa Argie, of the Haunted Housewives.



Past Shows:

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  • Luciferian Agenda/ Hauntings & the Paranormal

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  • The Haunted Housewives/ Open Lines

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