Haunted Heartland & Ghostly Love Stories

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Haunted Heartland & Ghostly Love Stories

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Haunted Housewives Theresa Argie & Cathi Weber, reported on their paranormal investigations throughout the Heartland, as well as shared stories for their latest book,Love Beyond The Grave. Emotion is a bonding agent for hauntings, Argie explained, noting love is more powerful than hate. "Love was so strong, either because of the horrible thing that happened at the end or the sad romantic thing that happened at the end... that strong emotion seems to be in play when these ghost stories come about," Weber said, pointing out how many ghost narratives revolve around unrequited love.

Weber recounted the story of Ceely Rose, a troubled young girl from Pleasant Valley, Ohio, who struggled with a one-sided love for a boy from a neighboring family. In 1896, after she was forbade from seeing him, Ceely Rose killed her entire family with poison. On the lighter side, Argie relayed the heartwarming tale of a dog named Hachiko, who after his person passed away continued to look for him. The loyal pup returned every day for nine years to the train station where they used to meet.

The two also spoke about some of the most haunted places they've visited on their ghost hunts. "Ohio is one of the most haunted states in the country," Argie revealed. Mansfield Reformatory, setting for the film Shawshank Redemption, closed in 1990 but paranormal activity reportedly continues to this day. It's a dangerous place filled with negative dark spirits, Argie admitted. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Greenwood Farms in Richmond Heights, Ohio, thought to be haunted by descendents of the Phypers family. According to Argie, visitors to the haunted home there usually experience positive feelings.

Weber briefly covered the types of equipment they use for their paranormal investigations. While they have the fancier gadgets often associated with ghost hunting, Weber disclosed they typically fallback to using only audio recorders and flashlights.

Open Lines followed in second half of the program. The final half hour of the show featured a replay from 1/30/2014, when author Paul McGuire talked about the future of America and living in prophetic times.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde / Peter Davenport / Tim Binnall

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