Leslie Wells

Leslie Wells


Dr Leslie Wells, DC is the founder and holistic living/healing facilitator of Bridge Holistic Healing. Her unique range of experience allows her to offer a rare blend as a practitioner and consultant. Her journey towards becoming a health facilitator started with her own severe spinal disorder as a child. By her early twenties, Leslie was limping with sciatica and continual low back pain, until she found relief through chiropractic care. That was the turning point where a vision of helping others out of suffering was born. After completing her chiropractic training in Atlanta, Dr Leslie launched her life's work with a mission to help others.

Through her 20 years of ever-deepening healing work, Dr. Leslie's reach has extended beyond the body and mind, to deeply energetic and spiritual healing. Dr. Leslie offers tools and gifts to assist each person to access and facilitate their own healing. Her healing outreach spans Uganda Africa, New Zealand, and the United States. She now also facilitates Spiritual Attunement sessions in person and remotely (via phone and Skype). She facilitates The Dr Leslie Show which is a holistic radio talk show that reaches listeners in over 190 countries online.



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