Contacting Houdini's Spirit / Energetic Consciousness

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Contacting Houdini's Spirit / Energetic Consciousness

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Professor Slim King has designed mental illusions for dozens of professional magicians. He is an authority on Houdini's plan to make contact with the living after he died, as well as tarot, dreams, and the use of pendulums. In the first half, he discussed communications with spirits and the afterlife, including how Houdini reportedly came through during a séance. Before Houdini died, he shared a secret code with his wife, Bess, which could verify that it was his unique spirit communicating from the afterlife. In January 1929, the famous trance medium Arthur Ford participated in a séance at the Houdini home and allegedly communicated with Houdini's spirit. Earlier, Ford shared the correct secret code with Bess Houdini, who confirmed this in a signed statement, King reported.

While Ford's legacy has been steeped in controversy, King concluded that the medium had made authentic contact with Houdini. Newspaper headlines like "Houdini Proves Souls Immortal" appeared all over America after the '29 séance. A tradition of holding a séance for Houdini every Halloween has persisted, but King suspects that his spirit may have only come through in the 1929 ritual. Rather than the trances many mediums dip into to access spiritual communication, King favors the sleep state as a valid way to make connections with the dead.


In the latter half, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Dr. Leslie Wells talked about her methodology, called E.V.E Consciousness, for awakening to more fulfilled, conscious living. E.V.E, which stands for Energetic Vibrational Exchange, "is a multifaceted platform that offers a new experience of reality through understanding and engaging our inborn abilities to create," she detailed. The transmissions of this information came to her in a state of heightened awareness in 2012, and she began to see a doorway to light as she worked on her chiropractic patients.

She views the E.V.E material as a kind of "technology of faith," in which there is a shift in perception from "light happens to me, to light happens through me." As we advance in evolution from Polarity Consciousness to Christ Consciousness to E.V.E Consciousness, we are moving into our destiny as thought-form creators, she said, and it's imperative we become more intentional about our thoughts, both conscious and subconscious. Wells also spoke about living a "Guided Life," by tuning into cues and synchronicities that help one clear away blockages, and navigate the world in an empowered way.

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