Woniya Thibeault

Woniya Thibeault


Based in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, Woniya Thibeault pops back and forth between the eastern slopes near Reno, Nevada and the western slopes in Nevada County, California. She teaches and speaks across the USA and virtually around the world.

Woniya is best known for her appearances on Alone, on The HISTORY Channel™, which has been referred to as the Olympics of Survival. It drops participants off in extreme wilderness locations with only 10 items of gear, to live on their own for as long as they can. No food stores, no camera crew. The rigors of filming the adventure themselves is part of the daunting challenge.

Woniya never felt at home in the modern world. As a lonely only child, she always found comfort and companionship in nature. By the time she was 19, she was not only studying biology and environmental studies, she was also throwing herself into mastering the skills our ancestors used to thrive in the wild—foraging for food, skinning animals and tanning their hides for clothing, weaving baskets from wild harvested willow, and making her own bows and arrows.



Past Shows:

  • Therapeutic Survival Skills / Etheric System

    Wilderness living expert Woniya Thibeault discussed how we can interact with the natural world to live more genuine, fulfilling lives. Followed by counselor C.J. Llewelyn, on how chakras and nerves make up our body's etheric system.More »

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