Wendy Zammit

Wendy Zammit


Wendy Zammit is Victor Zammit's long time partner in afterlife research and in life. Wendy worked for a number of years as a professional psychologist / counselor before transferring to adult education. Their interest in the afterlife began in 1990 when Victor began having psychic/ mediumistic experiences. The couple began an intensive research program, which eventually led them to physical mediumship.



Past Shows:

  • Current Events / Afterlife Research

    In the first half, analyst Craig Hulet offered commentary on current events such as the Ebola outbreak and ISIS terrorism. In the latter half, retired Australian attorney Victor Zammit and his research partner Wendy Zammit discussed medium contacts with deceased spirits,...More »

Last Night

The Greys & Alien Abduction / Open Lines
The Greys & Alien Abduction / Open Lines
Philip Kinsella, clairvoyant medium and UFO investigator/author, joins Connie Willis (info) for a candid look at the phenomenon of the Greys and alien abduction, which appears to mirror additional bizarre, supernatural occurrences across the world. Followed by Open Lines in the...


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