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In the first half, analyst Craig Hulet offered commentary on current events such as the Ebola outbreak and ISIS terrorism. Regarding the response to the Ebola situation, the Obama administration neglected to follow the advice of the CDC to take certain precautions, and has embarrassed America on the world stage for failing to put enough money into stemming the crisis in Africa, Hulet remarked. Further, he asserted that the Ebola outbreak is being used to expand military occupation in Africa; US troops sent to Africa are not doing anything to aid in the Ebola crisis, but are being used to create a large air hub for logistical support for military operations in the region.

ISIS is "the silliest scare tactic I have ever witnessed," and has been brought about by the National Defense Authorization Act, which legally allows for the Pentagon and CIA to deliberately use propaganda against the American public, he stated "We are being conned into believing that the worst possible things are taking place, and your only safety resides with the federal government," he added.


In the latter half, retired Australian attorney Victor Zammit and his research partner Wendy Zammit discussed medium contacts with deceased spirits, and evidence for the afterlife. After visiting and researching a number of mediums internationally, they began to study and work extensively with physical medium David Thompson, who is based in Sydney. While in a trance state during seances, Thompson uses materialization to exude ectoplasm, which spirits travel through to arrive in the room, and then independently walk around, interacting with participants and answering questions, Victor explained.

One of the spirits that Thompson brings through is an Englishman named William who says he died in 1897. He's described what it's like in the afterlife, such as time passing more quickly than it does on the Earth plane. An amazing thing about William, said Wendy, is that "even in the dark, he can go straight to them by name, and put his hand on their head." Another medium the Zammits were highly impressed with is the late Leslie Flint, who made numerous audio recordings of his spirit communications.

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10/16/14 guest Victor Zammit shares a collection of voices from the "afterlife" on his website. The voices of spirits produced by either direct voice mediums or materialization mediums are said to represent such people as Montague Keen, the eminent psychic researcher, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and the provocateur/author Quentin Crisp.

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