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With a report on the Raelian cloning controversy, Linda Moulton Howe kicked off the first hour. She spoke with both the UFO sect leader Rael, and a Florida lawyer named Bernard Siegel who has a filed a lawsuit against the Raelian-associated company Clonaid. Siegel believes that the act of cloning is a type of child abuse due to possible physical defects that may arise. Rael told Linda he is advising the mother of the child against taking DNA tests (to prove the cloning) because of possible damage and publicity from the lawsuit. "These people don't want to be in a circus exhibition," he said. For Linda's full report click here.

George opened up the lines in the next hour with a tale of when he looked death in the face during a car accident in inclement weather. A number of subsequent callers offered their harrowing experiences during close calls.

One such caller from Phoenix related an encounter where he narrowly avoided death while changing a flat tire one night. As he was jacking up the truck he heard a noise behind him and suddenly he saw an Indian on a horse, who began poking him with his spear while speaking in his native language. "And he's yelling and screaming. And I backed up around the back of the truck...and he came up along side of me, and just as he did a big semi comes roaring down the road and it was so close to my truck that it knocked the truck off the jack and if I had been there I would have been killed-- I turned to look and the Indian was gone," the caller related. He said he turned his on his spotlight and could find neither the Indian or even tracks from his horse.

Later George received a curious call from Fort Collins, Colorado from an "energy sapper," (sometimes also referred to as a "psychic vampire"). "Unexpectedly I just had this feeling of draining my father. It's sort of a line-of-sight thing. I felt the (forehead) muscles move or collect in a certain way and eventually he just fell asleep," the caller said.

"I've never talked to an energy sapper who knows what they are. You're the first one," said George.

"I found if I don't do this over a period of time I experience headaches for some reason. I've also found as I collect energy I can use it to help me with physical activity or staying up later and healing myself and maybe others. When I do it on one person I can also feel their energy, their personality and who they are," the sapper explained. George invited the caller to conduct an experiment to see if he could momentarily sap the energy of his board operator. Luckily for Dan, the caller indicated his technique only worked while having a line of sight on his target!

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Claude Vorilhon, a former race-car driver and journalist, encountered a harmonious 4-ft-tall space alien while climbing volcanic rocks in France in 1973. The being said he came from a distant planet and had long dark hair and almond shaped eyes. He gave Vorilhon his new name, Rael, and told him "we were the ones who made all life on earth."

"I have many things to tell you and I have chosen you for a difficult mission...You are going to transmit to humans what I am going to tell you and according to their reactions, we will see if we can officially show ourselves to them...come into my machine (a UFO shaped like a flattened bell), we will be more comfortable to talk," the alien said to Rael.

And so began the Raelian movement (website: rael.org), which now has chapters in 84 countries with over 55,000 members. The organization is headquartered near Montreal, with their museum and seminar center UFOland which features a replica of the flying saucer Rael first saw in 1973 (and subsequently took a ride in). Rael teaches members to prepare for the coming of the extraterrestrials, as well as to practice both sensual pleasures and cutting edge science. In that regard, his name (along with his chief scientist Brigitte Boisselier) has been all over the press in relation to their Clonaid operation which allegedly has successfully cloned the first human child, "Eve." For Rael, cloning is a no-brainer. "Thanks to genetics, we will soon be able to choose not only the gender and physical attributes of our children, but also a superior intelligence that leans more towards either art or science," he wrote.


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