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"I think of myself as an intergalactic sociologist," said Wednesday night's guest Dr. Simeon Hein, the Director of the Institute for Resonance. Hein is an expert in both crop circles and remote viewing. Calling crop circles a kind of "natural magic," he believes a group of 30-40 circle makers are mostly behind the phenomenon. But rather than being hoaxers, he posits that they could be communicating with an alien intelligence and are using the intricate designs as a kind of interdimensional language.

Hein himself may have had some ET contact, curiously coming through a set of email messages. The email said information would be revealed to him in a dream state, and indeed Hein had such an experience, viewing a set of hieroglyphic-like symbols that were empowered with a strange energy.

"The key to doing remote viewing well is to describe something without naming or defining it," Hein said. Noting a target's look, texture and sound is important. For this reason Hein prefers to call the practice "resonant sensing," because it references more than just visual input.

The Circle Game

Dr. Simeon Hein has some interesting theories about crop circles and their properties. He believes while the circles may be man-made they seem to attract unusual energy patterns and balls of light. Though 2002 got off to a slow start, Andy Thomas of Swirled wrote in an article for Nexus, that it turned out to be a banner year for crop circles, with a set of stunning designs. In one case, a convex triangle design at Sompting, UK was found to contain "a thick but fine white dust," that was later determined to be a particularly pure form of silica.

With the publicity for the movie Signs, which opened in August 2002, in high gear, many thought the attention to the phenomenon might increase the possibility for hoaxers. Certainly one of the most controversial and spectacular circles was what was dubbed the 'Scary Alien Formation' in a report on the Crop Circle Connector. The formation which appeared in August near Winchester, Hampshire featured a typical "grey" alien head that was accompanied by a code of rectangular dots and dashes. A decoding of the message included: "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time."

Was the Columbia Sabotaged?

Richard C. Hoagland appeared at the beginning of Wednesday night's show, making a surprising allegation about the Shuttle disaster. Citing that NASA has ruled out the explanation that a piece of flying foam damaged the wing of the Columbia, Hoagland said "we should keep our options open. The next cause is potential sabotage or terrorism." He said that it was known for sometime that an Israeli astronaut was going to be on a Shuttle mission and that this may have been the impetus for the sabotage. Hoagland outlined how the numerous tiles of the shuttle are adhered on by hand, and suggested a scenario in which a planted factory worker could have deliberately created weakened adhesions on the tiles.

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