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"The amygdala is one part of the brain that can cause dramatic changes," said researcher/musician Neil Slade. An enthusiastic believer in tapping into unused portions of the brain to increase creativity and enjoyment, Slade said the amygdala is like a thermostat that offers "emotional feedback" as to how it's functioning. It can click forward into the frontal lobe for higher functioning states or backwards to the reptilian brain for less evolved responses. He suggested a number of exercises and visualizations for learning how to click forward.

While clicking the amygdala forward can lead to new paranormal abilities such as telekinesis and clairvoyance, Slade cautioned people from getting too caught up in that arena and instead urged increased brain power to be used to solve such thorny issues as hunger, poverty and war. He added that paranormal effects might sprout up naturally when needed and cited a story about when he was late for teaching a music lesson. On his way out a neighbor asked him for the time and he realized he wasn't wearing his watch and didn't have time to go get it. But while driving to his appointment, out of habit he glanced at his wrist to check the time and the watch was suddenly there. Slade hypothesized that he had unconsciously used teleportation to retrieve the watch.

Clicking Your Amygdala

Neil Slade is an advocate of using dormant areas of the brain to open up untapped intelligence and abilities. Studying for years with the unorthodox researcher T.D.A. Lingo in a mountainous retreat in Colorado, Slade developed a variety of exercises to enhance brain function. He has particularly focused on an almond-sized organ called the amygdala, which is part of the brain's limbic system (an area that is associated with emotion and motivation).

"Self-amygdala stimulation increases activity of the brain's most advanced and evolutionarily most complex structure…the frontal lobes," Slade writes in an article for In lieu of being hooked up to electrodes, he has suggested simple visualization exercises such as imagining a feather tickling the amygdala. In a previous appearance on Coast to Coast, he conducted such an experiment over the air. For many this "clicking their amygdala forward" caused "immediate dramatic auditory, visual and physical sensations," Slade writes.

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