Tough Medicine

Tough Medicine


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOpen Lines, Dr. Leonard Horowitz

"You've got to be brain dead to take a 1955 smallpox vaccine," that's been diluted five times, and contains a "virtual witches brew" of ingredients, said Dr. Leonard Horowitz, an outspoken authority on medical issues, who appeared on the first half of Friday's show. Horowitz also commented on MRSA, the "superbug" that's recently been in the news. "The bug is nothing, the terrain is everything," he said, suggesting that those at greater risk would be people with compromised immune systems. Further he believes that such superbugs are more likely to be created in military laboratories rather than arising from the overuse of antibiotics.

According to Horowitz, the pharmaceutical industry does not have people's best interests at heart. He damningly claimed that their agenda is to "depopulate at least half the worldâ€"and what better way to do it than expensively and slowly, with chronic illnesses whereby populations are sickened and enslaved to pharmaceuticals?"

"The way to defend yourself," Horowitz continued, "is to simply change your body chemistry, boost your alkalinity, and oxygenate." He also is an advocate of "frequency medicine," which uses electric and bio-acoustic methods to heal, as well as such natural remedies as garlic, cayenne and drinking lots of water.

Open Lines

The latter half of Friday's show featured Open Lines and included "monster" tales. One such story was relayed by a truck driver named Joe who encountered a hairy "feral" creature that rode on the steps of his semi while he drove through New Mexico.