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"I have the most horrible message that I have ever put out in my 7 years on the show," said Major Ed Dames, who was George's guest on Thursday night. Dames, one of the world's foremost remote viewers, is predicting a nuclear attack by the North Koreans which he said will come from a hidden tunnel. It will occur on the border between North and South Korea shortly after the US attacks Iraq, and its purpose will be to damage the American military that is stationed there. "The whole world will be horrified," said Dames who added that the Chinese will negotiate a deal in the aftermath.

Dames, who directs a team of remote viewers at the Matrix Intelligence Agency, also discussed a planned terrorist action, using a yacht to drop mines in the path of a nuclear submarine off the San Diego coast. He believes however that his warning to the military will prevent this from happening.

The Columbia Shuttle disaster was triggered by a severed conduit cable that caused their computer to shut down, he said, adding that it was an accident rather than sabotage. This August, Dames said he will be participating in a "close encounter of the 3rd kind," where a professional film crew will document the alien meeting. When asked about Planet X, he couldn't verify a May 2003 date, but did say when you see very violent storms, powerful weather fronts, "in other words-- a pole shift," it would be time to head for the hills.

Spotlight on Remote Viewing

As most faithful listeners of Coast to Coast know, Remote Viewing doesn't refer to surfing on your couch with a remote control. Rather it's a type of psychic information gathering that was used by a secret government-spying program for over twenty years. Remote viewing (RV) rose to prominence when the CIA declassified the military's program in 1995, and the subject was featured in mainstream media at that time. One purpose of the military unit was as kind of a keeping up with the (psychic) Jones's, namely the Russians and KGB, during the Cold War years.

Major Ed Dames worked on the military unit and can be probably be credited with doing the most to popularize the subject of RV since then. The basic RV technique involves perceiving a location or target that the viewer is not present at either in space or time, with the viewer sketching and then verbally describing their impressions, usually in different stages. What perhaps sets RV apart from other psychic gifts such as clairvoyance and channeling is that it is a skill that can be taught such as learning to play the piano.

Remote Viewing may be back in the public eye in October of this year, when the film Suspect Zero is released. Dames was hired as a technical consultant for the feature and also plays the role of a remote viewing instructor. Now there's a stretch! The movie stars Aaron Eckhart as a Dallas-based FBI agent who investigates the case of a killer who targets other serial killers. The story line is said to involve a covert government program called "Icarus" which churns out ace remote viewers.