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War: Now & Later


  • Ledeen: Mistakes in Timing
  • Smith: Weapons Technology
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    It was another Coast to Coast under wartime this past Thursday night, with George presenting a six-hour marathon show for the second night in a row. While seer Sean David Morton was the guest for the latter half of the show, the first three hours featured different military experts commenting on the war situation.

    Morton, an intuitive and remote viewer, predicted that the war on Iraq will last six weeks but that Saddam and one of his sons had already been killed in the first strategic bombing. "We're entering a seven-year war period," he said, adding that it would culminate in a "sneak nuclear attack" that would destroy Jerusalem in 2006.

    "We're going after Iran next," Morton continued, predicting that by the end of this year we could see the return of the draft. He also foresees the spread of a lethal flu-like epidemic which could be getting its start now with the SARS virus. Morton believes that this virus will mutate into even deadlier forms that could kill millions between 2004-2006.

    The War Room

    The first hour of Thursday's Coast featured Michael A. Ledeen, a former consultant to the NSC and to the U.S. State and Defense Departments. An expert on U.S. foreign policy, Ledeen said he was pleased with the strategic flexibility that the US had demonstrated so far. He believes though that the timing of the war was thrown off-kilter because of delays first caused by the Israel-Palestinian conflict and then the lengthy UN debate on Iraq.

    "We'll be surprised at the kinds of weapons we'll uncover (in Iraq)," said Charles R. Smith one of America's leading experts on cyber technology. President of the consulting company SOFTWAR, Smith said he was impressed with the US military's current capability to "tie human intelligence with iron on target, in a very rapid circumstance." He believes they have already employed some of the more advanced systems, such as the E-bombs which can knock out communications.

    Steve Quayle, a bioterrorism and disaster preparedness expert, was the guest on the third hour of the program. He suggested that the US could be on the verge of declaring a "red alert" at home, which could mean that people are ordered to stay inside.

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