Visions of War

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Nick Cook, Steve Quayle

As war broke out on Wednesday night, George stayed on the air for a full six hours combining updates from the Middle East with open lines. Callers phoned in their reactions to the new war and how it was affecting their lives. George also set up special topic line "for people who have the ability during troubled times to get a vision."

One of the most fascinating calls on the Vision Line came from Ruthanna of Atlanta. "It concerns homing pigeons," she said. While there is a tight watch on the US borders, what she saw unfolding was the releasing of birds carrying harmful biologicals landing at random places in the US. She was particularly struck at what an effective weapon this was, and how it was such a contrast to the barrage of 9-11. Other caller's visions detailed a car bomb at LAX, a huge object striking Mexico, and people dissolving on the floor from a red liquid.

War Day One (Special Broadcast)

George spoke with bioterrorism expert Steve Quayle on Wednesday night's first hour feed of the show (9pm PST), available in some markets. According to Quayle's sources, last week, the FBI successfully defused two "suitcase nukes" that had been planted in two major midwestern cities in the US.

Nick Cook

During the second hour of Wednesday night's show, Nick Cook, an author and aviation-technology journalist with Jane's Defence Weekly, chatted with George live from London. We should "expect the unexpected," Cook said. It's likely Iraq has chemical and biological munitions he believes, though he wondered if they still have the means to deliver them. Technologically speaking, Cook said that on the surface not a lot has changed since Desert Storm, but actually the US's cruise missiles and bombs now have improved guidance systems and GPS capability.

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