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Connecting the Dots


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    Italian photojournalist Paola Harris appeared on Thursday night to discuss her new book Connecting the Dots, which features 25 interviews with investigators of the alien presence on Earth. Piecing together the mystery through her research, she has come to believe that UFOs and aliens are more likely to be interdimensional rather than interplanetary, and while there is physical evidence, paranormal activity is the "connecting glue" in this puzzle.

    Here is a sampling of her comments about some of the people she has interviewed and befriended:

    • Zecharia Sitchin-- Most interesting was his assessment of Phobos as an artificial satellite.
    • Robert O. Dean-- A spiritual warrior, who's "extremely credible."
    • Linda Moulton Howe-- Paola's "soul sister," who stays with her when she attends conferences in Italy.
    • Michael Wolf-- His story about being indoctrinated as an interface for alien communications remained consistent.
    • Leonard Stringfield-- Had a briefcase chained to him, that may have contained photos of the Roswell aliens.
    • Richard C. Hoagland-- "He expresses himself in a very cultured way."
    • Alex Collier-- He described visiting a city in space, that was actually a huge glass-enclosed craft.

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