Paola Harris

Paola Harris


Paola Leopizzi Harris is an Italo-American photojournalist and investigative reporter in the field of extraterrestrial-related phenomena research. She has a master's degree in Education and is also a widely published freelance writer who has studied extraterrestrial-related phenomena since 1979, has interviewed military personnel and astronauts, and is on personal terms with many of the leading researchers in the field. She has written five books.

She has a regular column in Area 51 UFO Magazine and has written for Nexus, Australia, and Explora, among other publications. Paola lives in Rome and Longmont, Colorado, and teaches history, photojournalism, and online classes in Exopolitics for Dr. Michael Salla's Exopolitics Institute, for which she is International Liaison Director.



Past Shows:

  • UFO Phenomena / The 'Maybe' Mindset

    Reporter Paola Harris discussed UFO/UAP phenomena and cases. Followed by author Allison Carmen on practicing the 'maybe' mindset.More »
  • UFO Phenomena / Neuroscience & the Brain

    Investigative reporter Paola Harris discussed the UFO phenomenon and her ongoing research in Latin America. Followed by professor Matthew Cobb on the historical arc of neuroscience, the brain versus the mind, and brain control.More »
  • Uri Geller / Trinity UFO Crash

    Paranormalist Uri Geller discussed his storied career and shared his perspectives on Putin. Followed by ufologists Jacques F. Vallee and Paola Harris on their investigation into the 1945 Trinity UFO crash.More »
  • Alternative Health / ET Contacts & UFOs

    Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts. Followed by Paola Harris on cases of alien contact.More »
  • UFO Investigations & Col. Corso

    Stanton Friedman discussed the Roswell incident, and his latest theories. Followed by researcher Paola Harris on her conversations with the late Col. Corso.More »
  • Ufology Updates / Noah's Flood

    In the first half, UFO researcher Paola Harris shared updates on ufology and exopolitics. The Internet is abuzz with the news that verified slides from 1947 said to depict a humanoid creature that crashed at the Roswell site are to be released to the public later this year. ...More »
  • Adventures in Cosmology

    During the middle two hours of the program, professor of Physics at the University of Michigan, Dr. Katherine Freese, discussed her work in theoretical cosmology and the latest developments in our understanding of the Big Bang, dark matter, dark energy, and the nature of the...More »
  • Coming Deflation / Tall White ETs

    In the first half, economist specializing in demographics, Harry Dent, discussed his contention that there is a "great deflation" coming in 2014 and beyond. In the latter half, Charles Hall talked about his encounters with a race of human-like ETs, he referred to as the...More »
  • The Church & the Paranormal

    Catholic journalist and historian Charles A. Coulombe discussed the Catholic Church and its stance on various paranormal subjects such as exorcism, demonic possession, UFOs, aliens, supernatural creatures, and prophecy. In the first hour, UFO researchers Paola Harris and...More »
  • UFO Disclosure / Remote Viewing

    In the first half, authors Steven Greer and Paola Harris discussed the Atacama humanoid as well as UFO disclosure. In the latter half, remote viewing teacher, Ed Dames, talked about his predictions that North Korea would use a nuclear weapon in anger and how a global...More »
  • Brain & Imagination / UFO Updates

    In the first half, brain researcher Neil Slade talked about different aspects of the brain, and their relationship to imagination. In the latter half, UFO journalist Paola Harris shared ufology updates, as well as new details about her investigations into anomalous cases...More »
  • UFOs & Kenneth Arnold

    UFO researcher Paola Harris was joined by Kim Arnold, the daughter of Kenneth Arnold, the pilot who coined the phrase "flying saucer," after he witnessed a series of strange tailless craft flying in formation near Mt. Rainier on June 24, 1947. First hour guest, author Steve...More »
  • New Mexico UFO Crash

    Investigative journalist and UFO researcher Paola Harris shared details about a 1945 UFO crash in San Antonio, New Mexico including microscopic analysis of actual materials taken from the UFO. Also, the now grown children, Jose Padilla and Reme Baca, who witnessed the crash,...More »
  • The Life of J. Allen Hynek

    Appearing for the full four hours, investigative journalist Paola Harris was joined by Ann Eller for a discussion on the life of the late Ufologist J. Allen Hynek, who was the scientific advisor to Project Blue Book and the technical advisor for the film Close Encounters of the...More »
  • UFOs & ETs

    Investigative journalist Paola Harristalked about UFO and ET phenomena and shared information from top researchers and whistleblowers. First hour guest, noted scholar Zecharia Sitchin talked about his latest endeavor, The Earth Chronicles Handbook, which he called a "GPS"...More »
  • Healing, Intention, & Remote Viewing

    Researcher of non-local consciousness and futurist, Stephan Schwartz discussed his work on the power of prayer, healing, therapeutic intention and using remote viewing to explore your own future. He described witnessing a healing ritual some 40 years ago with Rolling Thunder, a...More »
  • Weird Stories

    During Open Lines, George offered a 'Weird Stories' hotline. He also asked for a few native Hawaiians to phone into the show and speak in the Pidgin language. A caller near Dallas, Texas recounted a strange experience she had while working as a nurse. The caller said one of her...More »
  • Exopolitics, ETs & the Vatican

    In a special evening on the subject of 'exopolitics,' several guests reacted to the Vatican's comments about aliens (see below), and the UK's release of UFO files. In the second hour, UFO journalist Paola Harris noted the quotes that Rev. Funes made were likely sanctioned by the...More »
  • Concealed Carry of Guns

    Founder of the think tank Good For The Country, Inc., John Longenecker presented the case for concealed carry of handguns in the United States. If a person is in a situation such as a school or mall shooting, there is a period of time (at least four minutes) before help can...More »
  • ET Presence & Ufology

    Investigative journalist Paola Harris discussed her work exposing the truth about the ET presence, and shared her observations about various luminaries in the field of ufology.More »
  • UFO & Alien Disclosure

    Author and filmmaker Robert Miles discussed his personal ET experience as well as his recent work, Fastwalkers, which examines UFO & alien disclosure. A number of the people interviewed in his documentary also appeared during the program.More »
  • Ufology & Comet Collision

    Appearing in the second half of the show, researcher Michael Salla discussed a possible comet collision that former air traffic controller/alien contactee Eric Julien claims will occur.More »
  • Brazilian Disclosure

    Journalist Paola Harris and ufologist A.J. Gevaerd discussed the movement towards UFO disclosure in Brazil and around the world. Gevaerd detailed how he and a group of investigators had been pressuring the Brazilian military for some time to release files related to UFOs, and...More »
  • The Tall White ETs

    Charles Hall recounted stories from his many meetings with alien beings that he referred to as the 'Tall Whites,' which he said took place from 1965-7, while he worked as a weather observer at Nellis AFB in Indian Springs, Nevada. Journalist Paola Harris also appeared on the...More »
  • UFO Contacts

    Researcher Dr. Michael Salla and journalist Paola Harris joined together for a discussion on the politics and meaning behind UFO and alien contacts. Rather than an event, disclosure is a process, said Salla, that is pieced together from various whistleblower's testimonies.More »
  • Twin Encounters

    Twins Earlene Carr and Shurlene Wallace shared their alien contact experiences which began in Dallas in 1995. While Earlene focused on UFO research and support, Shurlene began having numerous direct encounters. "I woke up in a UFO," said Shurlene, of her first experience. She...More »
  • 9-11 Enigmas

    Dave vonKleist, co-host of The Power Hour radio program, shared evidence from his video, 911: In Plane Site, which documents unexplained circumstances involving events at the Pentagon and WTC. One of the inexplicable elements of the Pentagon attack, was that only a 16 ft. hole...More »
  • Ufological Investigations

    Italo-American investigative journalist Paola Harris returned to the show to share updates on cases she has been working on and to discuss the state of ufology. She said she had recently traveled to Switzerland and met with legendary contactee Billy Meier. "This case has to be...More »
  • Connecting the Dots

    Italian photojournalist Paola Harris appeared on Thursday night to discuss her new book Connecting the Dots, which features 25 interviews with investigators of the alien presence on Earth. Piecing together the mystery through her research, she has come to believe that UFOs and...More »