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New UFO Cases


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    Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center presented new cases and witnesses during the first half of Friday's show. A truck driver named Ken described driving his 18-wheeler directly under a UFO near Council Bluffs, Iowa on 8/19/03. The hovering object contained an array of large disc-like lights on its underside and seemed to be trailing just slightly ahead of his truck, Ken said. Because it was moving at a relatively slow speed "clearly it's not an aerodynamic device," Davenport commented, indicating some other process was keeping the craft in the air.

    "Susan," a high-school principal, Davenport's second guest, related a dramatic sighting from her bedroom window overlooking Lake Washington that occurred on 9/18/03. Alerted by a swishing sound coming from the southern end of the lake, she witnessed a large soundless orb, "pinkish red in color," that was about 2/3 the size of the moon and moving in a horizontal pattern over the lake. Its illumination had "an almost fluorescent quality," she said, and curiously the orb appeared to be composed of smaller orbs.

    Open Lines

    Gearing up for Halloween, Friday's Special Topic line was reserved for tales of the "scariest thing that ever happened to you." Responses included a woman who described attending her own exorcism, and a man who was sleeping on the floor of a classroom and heard something trying to come through the door that released a "bone chilling scream." Later a woman from Ohio shared her experience of living in a house with four separate spirit entities. Towards the end of the show, a caller described finding a "hitchhiker" spirit in their car, after they visited a haunted house.

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    Some children born approximately between 1978 and 1988 are said to have special abilities and experiences, and have been labeled the Indigo Children. This week we bring you some of their tales:

    I was born in 1989 and I have this "sixth sense." Even though I can't hear or see it, I can tell when someone turns on something electronic that has a high current like a computer or TV. I can also tell when lightning will strike because I guess I can sense the build up.

    Justin M.

    Yes, I'm an indigo child born on this day (Oct 17) 1975. I am very psychic, can manipulate mass weather systems (ex. what a nice, cool summer we just had in Baltimore, where I live) and communicate with the other side, among many things. I am an orchestra conductor and learned my craft from a famous deceased conductor. I am learning how to tap the library from the inside (library of the universe).

    Amy W.

    I was born in 1978, so I fall under the dates and I have a special ability. I am a veterinary student and I am currently working as a veterinary receptionist in a 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital. This is my first experience in a customer service/billing atmosphere. My ability: I am able to tell which checks (from clients) will "bounce" and which credit cards will be declined, just by holding it/accepting it from the client. My co-workers are amazed and it's just like a game. They have even started to tally my "hits". I'm also able to tell which patients will be "no shows" and which clients will abandon their pets when making a boarding/kennel reservation/receiving costly medical treatment. Sadly, none of my abilities seem to help on the medical side of things. Does this make me an indigo child?


    I'm 19 and strongly believe that I am an indigo child... Awake [I experienced] particles of light that were in shapes (triangles, circles, squares, octagons, etc.). They'd be different colors and they'd appear out of nowhere, and get larger and larger, the closer they got to me. As these particles of light got to their closest point to me they'd break up and begin an orbit around my head (like a halo). I would grab at these particles and I'd hold them only for a short while before they'd come out of the ends of my hands.

    Jedd N.

    I've often wondered if I might be an Indigo Child...I was very different as a child, highly creative, and much of a loner...By age ten I was interested in crystals, meditation and varying forms of spiritual or New Age lore that continues to this day. I was often ridiculed and bullied for being "weird" and I was never interested in the same things other kids were. I have very little patience with religions, government or what I perceive to be outdated forms of controlling the masses. I also have problems with authority.

    I was sent to counseling to determine why I was so different, but luckily the counselor herself was very spiritual from her time in the 60's and reassured my parents there was nothing wrong with me. My cousin, also an indigo child and born in 1977, was not so lucky. He was diagnosed with ADD and medicated most of his life. He also has had similar experiences like mine, though less frequent now. Because of this, I wonder sometimes if most of my own indigo qualities still remain, as the way I was raised conflicted many times with who I knew I was.


    I don't know that I have been given a gift because of when I was born which was 1979. I have prophetic dreams...I actually went to the other side and felt a feeling unexplainable in words. This happened when i was about 17. A great peaceful feeling...I see spirits and get messages when I sleep. My life path is to help people, prepare people. My most recent message from the other side is in my quest to settle in a safe place. I was told to look toward Native American teachings and also that the safest place was messaged to me like this. If you drive to Seattle and you are making good time, it is 5 hours each way ,10 hour round trip. Go to the mountains because soon the earth will start to heat up and people will not be able to breath. 5 hrs from Seattle could be a lot of places. But if I had all the answers I would already be there.

    Sheila M.

    I believe my daughter may be an Indigo child. She was born Sept. 8 1988, and is extremely talented. She has the big blue eyes that I have read were associated with Indigo children. When she was a baby, I often told my family that she appeared to have "wise eyes". They all agreed. Also, her stare was so intense that you would have to look away. She also came up with words that didn't exist but made sense to her and she would get frustrated at us because we didn't understand her. I spoke of this to our doctor as well as her many imaginary friends and he said that she was just a bright child with a vivid imagination. I always thought there was something more than a vivid imagination. She taught herself to read at not quite 4, she could spell her name at 18 months.

    Laurie T.

    I was born in 1988, and I feel as though i am an "indigo" child. I've always seemed to be able to reach beyond, and further into ghostly type things.My most common "experience" I find is a feeling of other presence. I feel crowded in an empty room. I will often be watching TV alone, feeling like someone is with me, and I look at them to talk about something happening on TV, and no one is there, and I realize what is happening. Feelings like this have brought me to tears in my bedroom at night though!

    Tanner P.

    I was born 11-09-69 and I am an Indigo. The Indigo children began coming here to participate in the transformation of humanity prior to 1978, though I do believe many more children born between '78 and '88 were Indigo than prior to '78.As I child I had unusual experiences that made me feel different than everyone else. I often spent hours alone in my room in a state I now would call altered consciousness. I had experiences of astral travel and out of body experiences from a very young age. Once I recall telling my mom all about the conversation she had with her friend late one night while I was 'asleep'. She asked how I had heard those things, and I told her that I watched them from up on the ceiling, I was flying above them and listened to their entire conversation. Her reaction told me that that had not been the right response to her question and I didn't tell her about anymore of my night time out of body flights.

    Hamsa L.

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