Health Freedom Rights

Health Freedom Rights


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Robin Falkov

Dr. Robin Falkov discussed alternative medicine issues, and expressed concern that our health freedom rights were being eroded.She specifically mentioned the United Nations organization Codex which she said is working through the European Union to eliminate or greatly reduce the availability of over the counter vitamins and supplements.

Though Codex claims their goal is to establish world-wide standards, Falkov suggested their agenda was likely related to increasing profits for global pharmaceutical companies. She warned that once their standards for supplements were finalized, the availability of these items could be curtailed in the United States because of international agreements. (The IAHF offers an email newsletter to keep people aware of the latest developments in this area.)

Falkov also addressed alternative medical treatments, and believes that her partner, Richard C. Hoagland, recovered from a major heart attack five years ago, in part due to such approaches as chelation therapy, which supplied vitamins mixed into EDTA.

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