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UFOs, Aliens & Underground Bases


  • 1945 New Mexico Crash
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    Leading authority on UFOs, Timothy Good shared his research on pilot sightings, alien encounters and underground bases. One such account he presented was that of a 1993 case in which an Italian named Filiberto Caponi allegedly took 6 Polaroid pictures of a possibly alien being that made piercing cries and ran in an "oscillating motion."

    There have literally been thousands of pilot sightings of UFOs since 1920, said Good. In fact, in one case it was reported that a military plane was "swallowed" by a gigantic triangular craft in Puerto Rico, he noted. He also discussed a 1945 crashed UFO case that was witnessed by two boys in San Antonio, New Mexico, who saw "creatures like children" moving around quickly, before a military recovery of their craft.

    Underground and underwater UFO bases such as one with "huge structures" in the Mariana Trench have been reported by contactees said Good. One contactee case that has recently impressed him is that of Leo Dworshak who along with his brother, said they began having encounters in the 1930's in Montana, with aliens who had a high degree of telepathy. (Dworshak's book "UFOs Are With Us" is available by sending $12 to Leo Dworshak, 3000 Villard Drive #204, Helena, MT 59601 or as an e-Book through Dorrance Publishing) Good also recommended the book Dark Object by Don Ledger for its detailed examination of the Shag Harbour UFO incident.

    Meeting an Alien

    In Timothy Good's book Alien Contact he writes about a curious encounter a specialist named Dr. Díaz had at his office in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1976. The doctor described meeting a patient with extraordinarily white skin, "almost the color of milk," who was a little over 5 ft. tall, and nearly hairless. Díaz said the man's eyes appeared almost violet and his irises were wider than normal.

    While appearing to be in his forties or fifties, the man said he was 84, and even more surprisingly he came from another planet that was "beyond the sun." His mission apparently was to inform humanity that it needed a cleaner energy source as it was polluting not only Earth but space itself. "It is possible to get tremendous energy if you know how to dissociate electrons," he said, explaining that his civilization had discovered more subatomic particles than we had. Díaz, a well respected doctor who had been in practice for 25 years, eventually related his story to a United Nations delegation. "When I spoke with Dr. Díaz by phone in 1980, he struck me as being completely truthful," wrote Good, who was able to confirm that indeed a meeting at the U.N. with Diaz did take place, though nothing was ever done with the information he gave them.

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