Timothy Good

Timothy Good


Timothy Good has conducted worldwide research on the UFO phenomenon including interviewing key witnesses and discussing the subject with astronauts, military and intelligence specialists, pilots, politicians and scientists. He has lectured at universities, schools, and at many organizations and has even been invited for discussions at the Pentagon in 1998, and at the headquarters of the French Air Force in 2002. He has acted as consultant for several U.S. Congressional investigations.

Born in London, Timothy Good gained a scholarship as a violinist to the Royal Academy of Music, where he won prizes for solo, chamber and orchestral playing. He played for fourteen years with the London Symphony Orchestra. He has also freelanced as a session player for television dramas, commercials, feature films, and recordings with pop musicians. Among those he has recorded for are Phil Collins, George Harrison, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, and U2.



Past Shows:

  • Lizard Man / UFOs & ET Contact

    In the first half, author, musician, and cryptozoologist from Texas, Lyle Blackburn discussed his new work on Lizard Man-- South Carolina's "creature from the black lagoon." In the latter half, leading UK authority on UFOs and the alien presence, Timothy Good, talked about...More »
  • UFOs & ET Visitation

    One of the world’s most respected authorities on alien phenomena, Timothy Good, discussed the staggering evidence for UFOs, and the possible colonization of Earth by extraterrestrials. First hour guest, planetary scientist Dan Durda talked about asteroids.More »
  • Rebroadcast from 10/21/07: Secret UFO War

    This program was a rebroadcast from 10/21/07 featuring George Knapp talking with researcher Timothy Good about the historical evidence and documentation of UFOs. John Lear was the first hour guest. Note: Due to technical difficulties in Las Vegas, George Knapp's live program...More »
  • Secret UFO War

    Researcher Timothy Good joined George Knapp in a discussion on the historical evidence and documentation for UFOs.More »
  • UFO Encounters

    Authority on the alien presence, Timothy Good, discussed cases from his newest book Need to Know: UFOs, the Military and Intelligence, which covers incidents from the 1930s to the present.More »
  • UFOs & Cover-Ups

    Leading authority on UFOs and the alien presence, Timothy Good discussed pilot sightings and government cover-ups. According to Good, since 1920 there have been more than 3,400 reports from pilots involving unidentified aerial phenomena. He suspects the number is probably much...More »
  • Rebroadcast: Timothy Good

    In this rebroadcast from 8/19/04, George Noory talked with researcher Timothy Good about UFOs, aliens and underground bases.More »
  • UFOs, Aliens & Underground Bases

    Leading authority on UFOs, Timothy Good shared his research on pilot sightings, alien encounters and underground bases. One such account he presented was that of a 1993 case in which an Italian named Filiberto Caponi allegedly took 6 Polaroid pictures of a possibly alien being...More »

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