The Biblical Alphabet & Consciousness

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The Biblical Alphabet & Consciousness


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    Researcher Stan Tenen shared his theories about meaning and consciousness that he has interpreted from the ancient Biblical alphabet. The text of Genesis, he said, can be looked at like a woven structure, where meanings are seen in the pattern, beyond just what the words spell out. This structure is like a software program that once activated in your mind can be a path to a higher view or enlightenment, he explained. Biblical Hebrew is an "acronym language," he continued, where "each letter can be read as a word, and each word as a sentence."

    Mysterious Signals

    First hour guest, Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute discussed a recent New Scientist article which reported on mysterious radio signals, that some posit could be coming from an ET source. He believes the story is being over-hyped, as nothing has been proven as of yet about the signals which are just one of many candidates derived from the SETI@home Project.

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