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Ghost Stories & More

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Linda Moulton Howe, Open Lines

Open Lines started with a bang when Dodie Crain, mother of famed Area 51 microbiologist Dan Burisch, called into the show to set a few things straight. Crain said she has not been allowed to see her son since October 5, 1993. She confirmed that Burisch worked at Area 51 and interacted with an alien during his time there. Crain said her son would often return from Area 51 afraid and looking "as white as a sheet." According to Crain, Burisch received an injection in his neck in 1993 that altered his personality and "confused" his memory.

George also opened a "Backseat Ghost" hotline for anyone who ever had a ghostly figure accompany them in a car. A caller who lives in a cemetery recounted the time during a lonely ride home she saw the silhouette of a person sitting in the backseat of her car. The "passenger" vanished, but she was so chilled to the bone that she turned on her car's heater. Another caller said she saw three featureless "dark forms" sitting in her car's backseat. According to the caller, she could only see the forms in the rearview mirror, not when she physically turned around to look at them. For the rest of the trip, she refused to look in the mirror.

Earthfiles Updates

During the first two hours, reporter and editor Linda Moulton Howe of Earthfiles.com presented a breaking story about a 1948 UFO crash in Aztec, New Mexico. According to Linda, witnesses from the era saw a silver disc 99-ft in diameter, as well as humanoid bodies at the crash site.

Linda provided an update about unusual animal deaths occurring around the US and Canada. She said since mid-September at least 200 squirrels have washed upped dead on the shores of Lake Michigan. To date animal experts are puzzled by the mysterious deaths. She also discussed the Texas "chupacabras" case. Opinions as to what the creature is range from a mangy coyote to a genetically-modified kangaroo to a Mexican hairless dog. Linda reported that a San Antonio Zoo spokesman said he did not think it was a coyote, but offered no alternative to what it could be.

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