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Expanding Consciousness


  • "Sensing" the Osiris Tomb
  • Contacting Extra/Ultraterrestrials
  • Close Encounter in Africa
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    Founder of the Academy for Future Science, Dr. J.J. Hurtak, and his wife Desiree, discussed his paraphysical text, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, the coming shift in human consciousness, and communication with other intelligences.

    Dr. Hurtak said the human body is a "cosmic antenna" capable of pulling energy from the surrounding universe. In the case of prayer, Hurtak believes this energy can be directed towards specific individuals, resulting in a "miracle." He also claims the mind can make contact with distant objects and cited his remote sensing of the Osiris Tomb in Egypt and the underwater civilization of Yonaguni near Taiwan as examples.

    Hurtak went on to explain that "we have a passport to the cosmos in the very essence of our inner nature," but we must liberate ourselves from the restrictions of rational, dualistic thought. According to Hurtak, one can step outside of space-time by creating the right harmonic and entering into higher vibratory states. It is in this expanded consciousness that one can see "ultraterrestrials," beings who exist within a unique reality, and who have warned humanity to take care of the planet and live at peace with one another.

    Anne Streiber Update & Elmendorf Beast

    On October 16, Whitley Strieber's wife, Anne, suffered a severe stroke. Whitley phoned in with an update on Saturday night, and said that Anne will be undergoing another surgery to treat the effects of the brain aneurysm that led to the stroke. She's not out of the woods yet, so please remember her in your thoughts and prayers.

    Whitley Strieber also gave an update on the "Elmendorf Beast," which continues to remain a biological mystery. According to him, experts are still puzzled by the creature's DNA and skull configuration, and are unable to determine its specific species. Whitley believes it is a "designer animal" created to resemble the mythical chupacabra.

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