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Merlin Project Update


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    Futurist Paul Guercio and physicist Dr. George Hart returned to discuss the Merlin Project, their forecasting technology that combines equations derived from celestial phenomena with specific dates, such as a person's birthdate. The system is based on the idea that time is a patterned entity which operates in a "seasonal" way on an annual basis (a concept Guercio said he learned from Lionel Day in the 1960's).

    Hart said that Merlin had an accuracy rating of 75 to 80% in terms of forecasting timelines that show periods of relevance or change in one's life. Thus their clients can use this information to their advantage. Hart also noted that 2/3 of their clients showed spikes in their charts for the year 2012. This indicates a "transition of enormous importance," could be occurring on a large-scale at this time, said Guercio.

    According to Merlin, the Bush administration is going to run into trouble halfway through this year or beginning next year, Guercio outlined. Many of the administration's players except for Rice, look like they're going elsewhere, or it could mean that Bush will encounter health problems, he continued. Hart and Guercio have made available a free PDF report titled How the Future Happens which contains information such as why some people are luckier than others.

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