Seismic Update

Seismic Update


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GuestsJim Berkland

Geologist Jim Berkland returned to the show, offering his analysis of planetary seismic activity. The recent series of quakes off the American Northwest are being caused by magma coming up from the water, which is typical for an active ridge, he said. He doesn't see this situation turning into an "Atlantis-type of thing."

Berkland made a prediction of a 6+ earthquake to occur in either Southern Nevada or California during June, July, or August of this year, as these months have particularly high tide periods. He also discussed how the number of deaths are often underestimated for serious quakes. For instance, it has only been in recent years that the death toll from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake was raised to the thousands (from several hundred). Governments are reluctant to admit shoddy construction in many cases, he said.

Berkland noted that some people are "earthquake sensitives" who exhibit severe headaches for three days preceding a major quake. He also suggested that there is a correlation between the sun and seismic activity. For example, he said, there were huge X-13 flares that were occurring at the time of both the Loma Prieta and Morgan Hill quakes.

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Kamasami Kong writes:

On Sunday, September 5th, 2004, a big quake hit Osaka. It was a ~relatively~ small one compared to the Great Hanshin Earthquake that hit us (in Kobe) about 10-years ago, in 1995. Nonetheless, this "small" one shook the entire area, caused all TV stations to go to Emergency Quake Alert status and scared the living s*** out of those of us who live in multi-storied buildings -- which is about everyone in this densely populated area (Japan's 2nd largest city) of southwestern Japan. The photo is a view from my room that was swaying.

I experienced the quake from the perspective of the 31st floor and it was scary! I was using my video camera to try to capture the swaying curtains, but noticed this sound upon playback (listen below). Of course, we heard the creepy creaking during the actual event but were too shaken-up to notice just how scary it was at that moment. Anyway, this creaking continued for about 20-minutes after the initial shock as the quake-proof, 37-floor high rise in central Osaka swayed back and forth as it absorbed the shock. It was like being on the deck of a ship...31-floors in the air!

As you listen to the creepy creaking, you'll hear the frightened voices of my girlfriend and me. The other voice you hear is from the TV, the actual quake report (English version) from NHK-TV. I'm not sure this can compete with your sounds from hell, but I promise you, it's just as scary: Win

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