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Titanic: Myth & Fact


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    Boating expert and author of The Last Log of the Titanic, David G. Brown, shared his research on the sinking of the famed ocean liner. The popular film Titanic, he said, was more of a "mythical" portrayal of events, and not based on the hard facts.

    The 60-63 ft. iceberg was seen 5-8 minutes prior to the accident (not 37 seconds) and a warning bell was sounded by lookouts, he reported. Yet, due to poor "situational awareness" on the bridge, they were not able to avert it in time. Titanic did not sideswipe the iceberg as commonly thought; it ran over an underwater ice shelf, he explained.

    There was actually no gash in the ship, he continued, and water never poured over the top of the bulkheads; rather it rose up through the bottom. Brown also discussed the 1913 "White Hurricane" disaster which happened in the Great Lakes. The storm, with 35 ft. waves, delivered the largest non-wartime casualties for a maritime fleet, with 12 ships sinking, he detailed.

    Pandemic Flu Vials

    Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport joined the show during the first half-hour to comment on a breaking news story about vials of a pandemic flu strain that were sent to labs in 18 countries by a U.S. company. The kits contained the deadly 1957 pandemic flu strain, and he believes this was not by accident. He suggested it may be a ploy to get more people to take next season's flu vaccine, under the guise that they need protection from the old strain which may now be re-released.

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