Scariest Moments

Scariest Moments


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOpen Lines, Dr. Morgus

During Open Lines George provided a special topic line for callers who wanted to share their scariest moments. A caller from California described seeing a glowing red, metallic sphere about the size of a soccer ball gliding towards him while on a camping trip.

Linda from Portland, Oregon recounted the time she and her sister were walking along a trail and encountered "demonic people" dressed black robes. She claims four members of the group chased after them, but they eluded capture and eventually found their way home. After telling their mother, Linda said she went looking for the black-clad cult and could not find them.

Recently freed from a demon named Oscar, Rachel called in to thank Coast listeners for their prayers, which she believes liberated her from the Son of Satan. She said Oscar will always be watching her, but has targeted a radio announcer in Bismarck, North Dakota for his next possession. Curiously, Mike from KFYR-AM in Bismarck also called in to let George know that Oscar calls his station once a week. In a bizarre technical "glitch," Oscar was somehow able to interrupt their discussion several times.

Morgus Returns!

In the first hour, mad scientist and TV horror host Dr. Morgus returned to the show to offer more of his unique "Morgusian" solutions. Morgus reported that he had solved the potential fossil fuel shortage by developing a "petroleum pill" that when dropped into ordinary water, transforms it into 92-octane gasoline. He asked George if he would "put his life on the line" to keep and protect the pill's secret formula.

Morgus also announced that he's back on the air in New Orleans. You can catch Morgus the Magnificent on Cox 10 every Friday at 10:30p.m. Episodes will be re-aired on Sundays at 8:30p.m. and will be available on Cox Local Entertainment on Demand for one week following their original broadcast.

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