Antigravity & Zero Point Energy

Antigravity & Zero Point Energy


HostArt Bell

GuestsNick Cook, Jeff Willes

Reporter for Jane's Defence Weekly, Nick Cook, shared an in depth conversation on the subjects of antigravity and zero point energy. He said the concept of zero point energy -- that a potential and limitless power source pervades all of space -- is "rooted in science." As evidence he cited the Casimir experiment, in which two flat metallic plates are placed parallel to one another with only an infinitesimal space between them. According to Cook, the pressure of the vacuum of the zero point energy field pushes the plates together.

Cook noted that antigravity effects have also been experimentally demonstrated. The work of Thomas Townsend Brown in 1929, though not definitive, shows that he may have found a way to control gravitation using positively and negatively charge capacitors, Cook said. In another example, he pointed to Dr. Eugene Podkletnov's discovery that objects placed above a superconducting disc lose some of their weight.

Phoenix Lights Video

In the first half-hour, UFO hunter Jeff Willes discussed his latest "Phoenix Lights" video, which he caught on tape while investigating reports of sightings near northwest Phoenix. According to Willes, at 7:30PM on May 12, seven lights came out of nowhere, traveling in a north to south direction. Willes later contacted Luke Air Force Base about the lights, but they claimed to have no knowledge of the event and expressed no interest in his video.

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