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Topics in Physics


  • Nature of Time
  • Quantum Physics
  • Bending Space & UFOs
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    One of the world's leading physicists, Brian Greene discussed Einstein's legacy, the nature of time and space, quantum physics, and the theory of everything. "We still do not know how the universe began," Greene stated, describing the realm from which our universe emerged as "spaceless and timeless" -- a place where our current understanding of physics breaks down. Greene believes discovering a unified theory of the universe, something he said Einstein worked to find even on his deathbed, could help us understand how it all began.

    Greene suggested quantum computers, which would be exponentially faster than conventional computers, may one day help us find the elusive unified theory. Such knowledge, he thought, could eventually allow mankind to manipulate space and time, and possibly even "bend space" to instantaneously travel from one point in the universe to another.

    Greene also talked about the existence of life in the universe, UFOs, and time travel. According to Greene, "all moments in time do exist," so it is theoretically possible to travel back and forth in time. Greene does not, however, believe traveling into the past is ever likely, but said our current understanding of physics does support time travel into the future.

    Susan Meckley

    Adventurer Susan Meckley, a 72-year-old grandmother, is currently on a solo expedition aboard her sailing vessel USSV Dharma. At last report she was nearing Hilo, Hawaii. Amazingly, Art Bell was able to make radio contact with Susan (W7KFI/MM), who was using only a 40-watt Ham Radio. Click here to listen to their conversation.

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