UFOs & Experimentation in the USSR

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UFOs & Experimentation in the USSR


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    Art Bell was joined by researcher Paul Stonehill, the author of Soviet UFO Files, who talked about UFO sightings, mind control and weather modification in the former USSR. He also discussed the 1908 Tunguska incident, which according to one of his sources, was caused by two nuclear-powered spaceships colliding over the area.

    The Soviets experimented with mind control, and at one point used electromagnetic waves to get troops in Afghanistan to lose the will to fight, he reported. They also, he said, considered a space-based mind control weapon, but were not able to launch it. Stonehill expressed concern that such technology may have fallen into private hands, in the ensuing years. He also discussed Soviet cloud-seeding efforts, some of which, he suggested, may have been a subterfuge for a plasma weapon, not unlike SDI that would have been capable of intercepting missiles.

    Unusual aerial phenomena date back centuries in Russia, he noted. For instance, in the 14th century, a dark red object was reported in the sky for weeks, and then what was called a "small ugly child" was seen falling down into a river. Stonehill speculated that this was how an alien humanoid might have been described back then. Generally, he noted that reports of UFOs in Russia differ from the US, in that the craft are often described as gigantic forms such as cigar shapes and huge discs.

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    Paul Stonehill has sent us some UFO photos as part of his presentation. Some of them are featured in UFO USSR, which he co-wrote with Philip Mantle and is currently available (as an e-book) through the Filament Book Club. Read an excerpt from the book on the Tunguska incident.

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