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Iraq, Terrorism & the Media


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    Investigative reporter Peter Lance returned to share his research and analysis on terrorism and war. In regards to the recent London bombings, he commented that "we're seeing the strength and resiliency of al Qaeda." Since the war, Iraq has now become a hotbed for al Qaeda training camps, he noted.

    He offered a two-part solution to the quagmire in Iraq: 1) Bush goes to the United Nations and admits we were wrong about the weapons of mass destruction, and asks for an international coalition of troops including Muslims to take over there. Lance said since this idealistic alternative wasn't going to happen, he proposed: 2) A 100% immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq, which would lead to a civil war among factions there. He predicted that a lot of "evil forces" would cancel each other out, and make way for a democratic group to seize power.

    Lance also offered commentary on the importance of confidentiality between investigative reporters and their sources. He believes that the current administration has been inordinately suppressing the media, since the advent of the war in Iraq, and that the investigation by Patrick Fitzgerald into CIA leaks has been used as a diversionary tactic.

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