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Peter Lance


Peter Lance is a five-time Emmy winning former correspondent for ABC News where he reported 100’s of stories worldwide for 20/20, NIGHTLINE and WORLD NEWS TONIGHT. Mid-career he worked as a writer, producer and/or show runner on legendary episodic TV series like MIAMI VICE, CRIME STORYT & WISEGUY. After the 9/11 attacks he wrote 4 investigative books for HarperCollins on counter-terrorism and organized crime. His latest book, HOMICIDE AST ROUGH POINT, is a true crime exposé of a 54 year-old murder in his hometown of Newport, RI committed by Doris Duke, then the richest woman in the U.S. On the late afternoon of 10.7.66 she killed her gay designer/curator Eduardo Tirella outside the gates of her estate. The results of Lance 2 years investigation were first published in the July/August 2020 issue of Vanity Fair. An even deeper dive into that page-burning true crime story is now contained in the 438 page fully illustrated book to be published in 4 editions, Hardcover, Trade Paper, Kindle and Audible on 2.23.21. An audio recording of the VF piece was called “The Best In True Crime of 2020” by Apple News+ and the book has been No. 1 on amazon’s list of COMING IN TRUE CRIME.

Then, in 1987, he took a break from non-fiction. Lance came to L.A. and began working as a writer and story editor for Michael Mann on two of his acclaimed series: Crime Story and Miami Vice. In 1989 he became the co-executive producer and "show runner" on the fourth season of Wiseguy and in 1993 he co-created Missing Persons. Following the 9/11 attacks Lance began investigating the origins of the FBI's original probe of World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Ahmed Yousef.




Past Shows:

  • Recalling 9-11 / Spirit Guides & Healing

    Investigative reporter Peter Lance reflected on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the heroism of FDNY Fire Marshall Ronnie Bucca. Followed by medical intuitive Kimberly Meredith on her healing and trance channeling.More »
  • Serial Killers of the Ancient World

    Prof. Debbie Felton shared accounts of serial killers and murderous from antiquity. First-hour guests Peter Lance and Bob Walker updated the murder case against heiress Doris Duke.More »
  • Brain Hacking

    Prof. Bart Kosko delved into the latest developments in brain hacking. In the first hour, journalist Peter Lance provided an update on the brutal murder of Eduardo Tirella by billionaire Doris Duke.More »
  • Getting Away with Murder

    Peter Lance revealed how billionaire Doris Duke got away with the 1966 murder of interior designer Eduardo Tirella. During the first hour, Richard Thompson Ford delved into the history of the laws of fashion.More »
  • Counter-Terrorism & Politics/ Timetraks

    In the first half, investigative reporter Peter Lance shared his analysis of recent shootings in the US, as well as candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He also followed up on some of his previous investigations into terror suspects, Mob members, and FBI investigations. ...More »
  • Gotti Family/ MH-370 Mystery

    In the first half, investigative reporter Peter Lance along with John A. Gotti, the son of the infamous mob boss, discussed the true story behind the Gotti crime family and how Gotti's attempts to leave the mob life and raise a normal family were repeatedly hindered by the...More »
  • TWA 800, 9/11 & Gregory Scarpa Sr.

    Investigative reporter Peter Lance joined John B. Wells to discuss the crash of TWA 800, the 9/11 attacks and the story of Gregory Scarpa Sr., a Mafia killer who became a top FBI informant. In the first hour, editor Mike Adams talked about how America is...More »
  • The Mob & Terrorism / Science Blunders

    In the first half, investigative reporter Peter Lance discussed his forthcoming book Deal With the Devil, which details how mafia capo Gregory Scarpa Sr., known as "The Killing Machine," served as an FBI informant. In the latter half, astrophysicist Mario Livio talked about...More »
  • Egypt, Terrorism, & the Blind Sheikh

    Journalist Peter Lance discussed the the Blind Sheikh, terrorism, and the connections to what is currently going on in Egypt and the Middle East. The leader of an al-Qaeda cell, Omar Abdel Rahman, known as the Blind Sheikh, is an Egyptian who is now jailed for life in a U.S....More »
  • Mafia Revelations

    Author and investigative reporter Peter Lance presented his latest research into organized crime and the Mafia, particularly the Colombo family, and one its capos, Gregory Scarpa, Sr. First hour guest, fourth generation Texas farmer, Eric Herm, warned about the widespread...More »
  • The Improving Human Condition

    Ian Punnett was joined by author Matt Ridley for a discussion on human prosperity, which he believes is the result of people working for each other. Investigative journalist and author Peter Lance appeared in the first hour with a brief report on Muslim cleric Anwar...More »
  • Oil Spill & Energy Alternatives

    Professor of Biology, Peter Ward, and ecological biologist David Blume talked about the impact of BP's oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. In the first hour, investigative journalist Peter Lance reported on the Times Square terrorist. Last hour guest, paranormal investigator...More »
  • Predatory Capitalism

    Ian Punnett spoke with economist John Perkins, who pointed toward predatory capitalism as the real cause of the current global financial meltdown. Commenting on the Christmas Day terrorism attempt, investigative reporter Peter Lance appeared in the first half-hour, and...More »
  • DARPA's Futuristic Projects

    Space and technology writer Michael Belfiore talked about DARPA, the maverick and controversial Defense Dept. group, whose futuristic work has had amazing civilian and military applications. First hour guest, investigative reporter Peter Lance discussed the Army's track...More »
  • Intelligence & Terrorism

    George Knapp was joined by investigative reporter Peter Lance for a discussion of how America's intelligence services have fumbled in the pursuit of terrorists. The FBI and and the U.S. Attorney's Office were more interested in bringing down the Mob than dealing with terrorism,...More »
  • Spying & Espionage

    Former KGB agent and intelligence expert Oleg Kalugin (book link) provided an insider account of what it was like to be a spy working both in the US and behind the Iron Curtain. In the first hour, investigative reporter Peter Lance talked about the efforts by U.S. Attorney...More »
  • Counter-terrorism Failures

    Appearing during the first three hours, investigative reporter Peter Lance presented a look at current threats from al Qaeda and the Taliban and just how far the FBI and other intelligence agencies have come in protecting America seven and a half years since 9-11.More »
  • Alien Interactions

    Alien abductee Jim Sparks shared more of his experiences with the Grays. Unlike many other abductees, he says he has 95% conscious recall of these events which occurred to him frequently over an 18-year period.More »
  • Economic Hit Man

    Businessman and author John Perkins discussed his work as a former 'economic hit man.'More »
  • FBI Spying Violations

    Filling in for Art Bell, Ian Punnett welcomed technology and privacy expert Lauren Weinstein, who discussed a recent government audit that revealed spying violations committed by the FBI under the auspices of the Patriot Act.More »
  • Abductions, End Times & Weird Calls

    Filling in for Art Bell, Ian Punnett spoke with author Ann Druffel in the second hour.More »
  • Earthfiles Review

    Reporter and editor of, Linda Moulton Howe spoke on a variety of topics including the U.S. plan getting to the Moon, Mallard Ducks dying in Idaho, underwater structures discovered off the coast of Cuba and the melting of the Earth's polar ice caps.More »
  • Roots of Terrorism

    A former member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Walid Shoebat, shared how he came to be an advocate for the Jewish people.More »
  • 9-11 Cover-Up

    Investigative journalist Peter Lance discussed Iran's nuclear ambitions, the U.S. government's Able Danger program, TWA 800 cover-up, and how the murder indictment of a former FBI supervisory special agent could re-open the 9-11 investigation.More »
  • Star Nations' Communications

    Specializing in research on star kids and star-seeded adults, psychologist Dr. Richard Boylan returned to the show to share recent developments in star nations' (ETs) communications with Planet Earth. In March of 2006, he claimed he received telepathic information from...More »
  • Gov't Failures & Cover-ups

    Investigative reporter Peter Lance discussed his book, Cover Up, which maintains the U.S. government has been covering up its own counterterrorism/intelligence failures since the mid-1990s. Lance began his presentation by discussing Ahmed Amin Refai, an alleged al Qaeda mole who...More »
  • Kolbrin Prophecies

    Expert in ancient manuscripts, Glenn Kimball, discussed the origin as well as the stories and dire prophecies of The Kolbrin, an anthology of ancient wisdom books found in the Glastonbury Abbey during the 12th century. The documents were written during the intertestamental...More »
  • Counterterrorism & Cover-ups

    Investigative reporter Peter Lance returned to present evidence that the U.S. Government has been covering up its own counterterrorism failures since the mid-90s. Recently, it was revealed that a small highly classified military program code-named Able Danger had uncovered the...More »
  • Iraq, Terrorism & the Media

    Investigative reporter Peter Lance returned to share his research and analysis on terrorism and war. In regards to the recent London bombings, he commented that "we're seeing the strength and resiliency of al Qaeda." Since the war, Iraq has now become a hotbed for al Qaeda...More »
  • 9-11 Roundtable

    A 4-hour panel discussion investigating theories behind 9-11 was held, featuring Alex Jones, Peter Lance, Mike Levine, and David Ray Griffin.More »
  • 9-11 & Oklahoma City

    Investigative reporter Peter Lance returned to the show on the 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing to share information about that case, as well as material he has uncovered about the 9-11 attacks. One of his central findings is that Ramzi Yousef was the architect of...More »
  • Investigating Terrorism

    Investigative reporter Peter Lance shared his detailed research on the events leading up to 9-11, dating back to 1989. Because of all the warnings and ignored evidence, he believes the last three administrations are at a minimum guilty of "criminal negligence." He placed the...More »

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