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Full Moon Friday


  • Antarctic Anomaly, Atlantis & UFOs
  • UFO Phil's Time Machine
  • Two Ouija Board Stories
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    During a special Full Moon Friday Open Lines, George offered a "Strange People" hotline and shared the story of Carlos Mirabelli, who could reportedly levitate, appear and disappear at will, and speak in dozens of languages he never studied. UFO Phil called in to tell George that he has been working on a time machine powered by a 220W clothes dryer power outlet and regulated by an electric race track controller. He said he wanted to travel back to the 1950s to see Pat Boone live in concert.

    Marilyn from Oklahoma recalled the time she encountered a ghost in a haunted church. The caller said she felt an "intense cold wave" come over her during a visit to the church, and was told by a psychic that the spirit of a little girl was leaning against her leg.

    Atlantis in Antarctica:

    In the first hour, entertainment producer and author Thomas Greanias discussed his book Raising Atlantis, which speculates that the ancient city of Atlantis lay buried beneath the frozen Antarctic landscape. According to Greanias, a "magnetic anomaly" has been discovered in East Antarctica at Lake Volstok. Greanias suggested the anomaly could be a man-made structure, perhaps the ruins of Atlantis or even a submerged flying saucer. He said authorities have placed a "green electric fence" around Lake Volstok out of supposed concern for the delicate environment of the lake, making further investigations of the anomaly difficult to conduct.

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