Biblical Prophecy: Iran vs. Israel

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Biblical Prophecy: Iran vs. Israel


  • Hybrids & Luciferic Sacrifice
  • Iran, Israel & Ezekiel's Prophecy
  • Nuclear Exchange?
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    UFO researcher and student of ancient manuscripts, Lynn Marzulli, shared his theories on how current events in the Middle East and Europe are fulfilling biblical prophecy for cataclysm.

    Marzulli set the stage by reading a passage about an Iranian missile attack against Israel from his book, The Revealing. Marzulli believes comments and actions made by the President of Iran are leading up to a nuclear exchange between Iran and Israel in fulfillment of a 2,700 year old prophecy from Ezekiel. Syria may also play a role in the coming catastrophe, he said.

    Marzulli also touched on other topics including the hybridization program of fallen angels (inner-dimensional beings), who he said fathered the Nephilim, as well as Nazi occultism and the "Luciferic Sacrifice" of the Jews during the holocaust, which Marzulli believes cracked open a barrier and let the "ancient ones" back through -- possibly explaining the rise in UFO sightings and abductions since World War II.

    Ian announced that Art Bell will be returning as host of the Weekend Coast shows starting on January 28th.

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