Creepy Places, Weather, & John Titor

Hosted byGeorge Noory

Creepy Places, Weather, & John Titor


  • Tornadoes, Lightning & Hail
  • Houdini Story & UFO Moon Bases
  • Interview w/ Titor Family Attorney
  • About the show

    In the first hour, climate professor Randy Cerveny shared freak weather stories. During Open Lines, George offered a 'creepy places' hotline. In the final half-hour, George played his pre-taped interview with Larry Haber, attorney for the family of 'time traveler' John Titor, which included fielded questions answered by Kay, the alleged time traveler's mother.

    Ghost Girl Video

    During a portion of Friday's show, George played audio taken from a video which shows a Spanish-speaking ghost hunter's encounter with a creepy looking 'ghost girl' in a graveyard. Watch the video at

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