Astral Travel & Spirit Attacks

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Astral Travel & Spirit Attacks


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    Parapsychology researcher Albert Taylor returned to discuss out-of-body experiences (OBEs) as well as physical attacks by spirit entities. The onset of an OBE typically involves three sensations, he detailed: 1) paralysis, where the soul disconnects from the body, 2) vibration, as the transition begins to the astral plane and 3) a roaring or electronic sound.

    There are a number of levels to the astral plane, he said, and as you rise higher vibrationally, you move upwards. Beyond the astral, is the etheric plane, a light body realm where Taylor said he has also journeyed. By positively stating "I want...," one can control the nature of their OBE, he explained. He differentiated astral travel from remote viewing, saying that in an OBE one can be an active participant rather than just an observer.

    The lower astral planes are inhabited by a variety of beings, some of whom appear to be involved in attacks on humans, Taylor noted. Through his organization, Paranormal Research Investigations, he has tracked such cases, one of which involved a teenage girl that his team observed suffering from bleeding wounds that appeared from an unknown, invisible source. The organization also recently set up a faction to observe anomalies aboard the haunted Queen Mary.

    The Human Calculator

    First hour guest, Scott Flansburg, "The Human Calculator," shared his unique perception of numbers, which he sees in ordered relationships in his mind. He also spoke about his Human Calendar, which is based on 13 months, and uses the number zero as both a month and a day.

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