Phoenix Lights

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Phoenix Lights


  • Sue & Monica Watson's Account
  • Stacey Rhodes' Account
  • Michael Tanner's Observations
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    Art Bell was joined by Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center. Davenport discussed the famous Phoenix Lights incident of March 13, 1997 and presented eyewitnesses who each shared what they saw that night.

    Sue Watson and her daughter Monica described seeing five lights in the shape of a boomerang flying slowly toward their house from Camelback Mountain, AZ. Both women said they could not see any sky between the lights, suggesting they were part of an immense solid object. They also reported seeing a flash of light like a laser beam coming out of the craft just before it took off into the distance.

    Stacey Rhodes' encounter occurred while driving in a car with friends and family. She remembered watching the nose of the craft as it flew over the car, low enough for her to see seams in the material that made up the object. Stacey estimated the craft was about three miles long between wingtips and one to two miles front to back. She said her car, which was traveling at highway speeds, was under the object for over a minute.

    Dorothy claimed to have witnessed similar lights in the sky above Las Vegas on March 12, 1997. She said there were over a dozen lights in a relaxed "v" formation traveling at 30-50 miles an hour. Later in the show Davenport invited UFO investigators Dr. Lynne Kitei, Jim Dilettoso, and Michael Tanner to share their research and observations about the Phoenix Lights case.

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