The Judas Gospel

The Judas Gospel


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsKenneth Hanson, Jerome Corsi

Professor Kenneth Hanson, a scholar of lost Bible texts, discussed the recently publicized Lost Gospel of Judas as well as material from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Unlike the accounts in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, in this newly discovered Gospel, Judas is portrayed as acting at Jesus' request when he is handed over to the authorities. Hanson speculated that the New Testament authors may have turned Judas into a villain in order to dramatize the account. The Lost Judas Gospel is written in Coptic and translated from a Greek source, probably by an early group of Christians, such as the Gnostics, he shared.

Jesus reveals mysteries of the universe exclusively to Judas in the Lost Gospel, speaking of a "great boundless realm" that no angel has ever seen, said Hansen, who noted that such descriptions are similar to Gnostic ideations. He finds the new text to be of monumental importance because of its revelations, authenticity, and antiquity.

Hansen also discussed some of the ancient texts that were banned from the Bible. For instance, in the Dead Sea Scrolls there is a more detailed description of the Nephilim (the fallen ones) than is found in the Bible: The Nephilim interbred with human women and their offspring were said to be giants who grew to the staggering height of 3,000 to 4,000 tall. They were "rapacious in their appetites" and conspired to consume humans, recounted Hansen, who commented that the extreme height may have been used in the text as a kind of symbolism.

Iran Update

First hour guest, author Jerome Corsi presented an update on Iran and their uranium enrichment plan. They could have a nuclear bomb ready by the end of this year, and he believes they intend to use it as part of their apocalyptic "messianic vision." Corsi commented that US tactical nukes would be the most effective method for taking out Iran's underground facilities. Further, he suggested that the planned nuclear test in Nevada is meant to send a message to Iran.

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