Experiences of a Psychic Medium

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Experiences of a Psychic Medium


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    Psychic Medium John Holland discussed his gift of communicating with spirits of the deceased. To these spirits, vibrating in a dimension just above us, we are like ghosts in their world, he said. Every medium is a psychic but not every psychic is a medium," he explained. When he conducts readings, workshops, and presentations, beings from the other side spontaneously communicate with him, he said, with messages for living family members and friends.

    Holland described his involvement in documentaries shot for the A & E and History channels. In Mediums: We See Dead People he was taken (without knowing the location) to the site of the former Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, and he accurately perceived that a tragic fire had taken place there decades ago. For the upcoming pilot Psychic History, Holland described being taken blindfolded to the Waco/Branch Davidian compound where he experienced inside details of the disaster.

    Jim Walsh Commentary

    First hour guest, Dr. Jim Walsh of MIT’s Security Studies Program addressed North Korea's planned missile test, which he viewed more as a political than military maneuver. Speaking of nuclear proliferation, he sounded a note of optimism, commenting that the rate has actually declined from the 1960's.

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