Slipping Into Other Dimensions

Hosted byArt Bell

Slipping Into Other Dimensions


  • Alien Abduction & Another Dimension
  • A Mushroom Trip to Hell
  • Riencarnation & LSD Experience
  • About the show

    Due to illness, psychiatrist Dr. Rick Strassman was only able to appear for a short time during the second hour. Strassman may return to the show at a future date to continue his discussion on the powerful psychedelic drug, DMT, as well as chemically-induced mystical experiences. For the remainder of the program, Art hosted an evening of Open Lines with a special topic line for callers who have ever consciously "slipped" into another time or universe.

    Steve from Los Angeles recounted the time he "slipped into another dimension" while on a road trip. According to Steve, one moment he was sitting on a bench at a gas station, the next he claims to have been surrounded by a blue-gray, pastel-colored world populated by groups of people (in sets of two and three) as far as his eyes could see. Jason, a former witch from Fayetteville, told Art he had visited other dimensions. Jason described his experience in religious terms, noting that another person's experience in the same dimensions would vary. Several callers also phoned in to share their drug-induced experiences.

    In the first hour, Art read an article about Operation Acoustic Kitty, a secret CIA program to use trained cats as sophisticated bugging devices.

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