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Open Lines


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Filling in for George Noory, Art Bell hosted a night of Open Lines. Brian from California recounted an "unexplained" experience he had 9 years ago while touring the 'Death Block' of Auschwitz. In the basement of this block were small brick cells about the size of a phone booth, he explained, where Nazis would imprison up to four people at a time. Brian said he entered one of these cells, pulled the door shut, and to his horror heard a click as it locked shut. According to Brian, he was "not alone" in the cell, and after several minutes of confinement he tried the door again and it opened.

A man from St. Louis calling himself 'Maitreya' claimed he had been chosen to usher in a New Age of world peace. Though he wouldn't share the specifics of his peace plan (or anything else for that matter), he did share the name of his cure for cancerâ€"the Alkaline B17 Spirit Regimen. Several callers phoned in to discuss the situation in Iraq and what a 'loss' there would mean for the United States.

In the final hour, notorious caller J.C. ranted on a variety of topics, including the Democratic victory in Tuesday's Congressional elections. He also entreated his former associate, Edna, to return to him, as well as invited conservative pundit Ann Coulter to join him at his compound.

Nick Pope Update

During the middle of the show, Art was joined by Nick Pope, former head of Britain's Ministry of Defence UFO Project. Pope discussed his work in the MoD, as well as his comments from a recently published Daily Mail article in which he warned that Britain could be attacked by aliens at any time.

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