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UFOs, Sound & Egypt


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    Futurist, social scientist and UFO researcher Dr. J. J. Hurtak summarized recent UFO events and discussed such topics as the abduction syndrome, Egyptology, and the protective uses of sound. His wife Desiree Hurtak, an expert in ancient texts, joined in during the latter half of the show.

    The upcoming release of official French documents on UFO/ET cases should provide a boost to understanding encounters and little known incidents, Dr. Hurtak detailed. He noted that a recent event in South Africa involving a large object could have been a genuine UFO landing or possibly the testing of manmade technology. Current sightings in Iran involving objects with red and yellow rays suggest a paranormal element, and the timing might relate to the ETs concern over the possible use of nuclear weapons, he said. For more on recent cases, see this rundown.

    Musical vibrations can create an electromagnetic shield or umbrella which can deflect unwanted brain signals, and possibly be helpful in repelling alien abductions, Dr. Hurtak shared (his musical collaboration with the late Alice Coltrane will be released in February). While inside an Egyptian pyramid, an acoustic signal created a light explosion, he added. Hurtak was involved in the use of ground penetrating radar near the paw of the Sphinx, which revealed the Tomb of Osiris in 1997. Desiree suggested that there is an underground channel that connects the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid.

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