J. J. Hurtak

J. J. Hurtak


J. J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D., is the Founder and President of The Academy for Future Science. He is a social scientist and scholar who has written, translated, and published numerous books including The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, The End of Suffering which he coauthored with physicist, Russell Targ, and The Seventy-Two Names of the Most High based on ancient Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek texts. Dr. Hurtak is also an anthropologist/archeologist and was instrumental in finding the "Osiris Tomb" in Egypt through remote sensing. He is well-known for his provocative information that ranges from evidence of UFOs to the development of a new cosmology. Dr. Hurtak travels throughout the world and works closely with indigenous people, including the Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa and the Xavante Indians (Brazil).




Past Shows:

  • Healing Sound / Signs & Synchronicities

    J. J. Hurtak, Ph.D., and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D., MS. Sc. discussed their latest work on sound and its connection to consciousness and healing. Followed by author Liliane Fortna on signs and synchronicities.More »
  • Giza Pyramid Power Station / Alternate Realities and Past Lives

    J.J. Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak shared their theories on a Giza power system. Followed by Peter Smith on past lives and alternate realities.More »
  • Fair Tax / ET Contacts

    In the first half, tax change advocate Bill Spillane spoke on behalf of the 'FairTax' alternative-- a flat retail tax that would replace income and payroll taxes. In the latter half, close friend to the late Dr. Roger Leir, UFO researcher Ron Garner, discussed the Varginha...More »
  • Shroud of Turin

    George Knapp was joined by J.J. Hurtak and his wife Desiree, multi-faceted scholars & researchers, for a discussion and analysis of recent discoveries about the Shroud of Turin, a sacred relic thought by some to be the burial cloth of Jesus. Appearing during the first hour...More »
  • UFOs, Sound & Egypt

    Futurist, social scientist and UFO researcher Dr. J. J. Hurtak summarized recent UFO events and discussed such topics as the abduction syndrome, Egyptology, and the protective uses of sound. His wife Desiree Hurtak, an expert in ancient texts, joined in during the latter half of...More »
  • Expanding Consciousness

    Founder of the Academy for Future Science, Dr. J.J. Hurtak, and his wife Desiree, discussed his paraphysical text, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, the coming shift in human consciousness, and communication with other intelligences.More »
  • Anomalous Anthropology

    Founder of the Academy for Future Science, Dr. J.J. Hurtak and his wife Desiree, joined guest host Barbara Simpson in a discussion about their worldwide research into pyramids and anomalous anthropology. Visiting pyramids in such places as Peru, Japan, China and Egypt, they were...More »
  • Analysis of Pistis Sophia

    Founder of the Academy of Future Science, J.J. Hurtak, and his wife Desiree, discussed their recent book Pistis Sophia: Text and Commentary, which presents a 2,000 year old Gnostic manuscript and offers analysis. It's noteworthy that Mary Magdalene is shown to have a...More »
  • Future Science & Ancient Discoveries

    Scientific explorer and futurist Dr. J.J. Hurtak discussed a variety of research he is conducting. One technique he employs is that of "remote sensing," which combines targets developed by intuitives and indigenous people, with the use of airborne tools and ground penetrating...More »

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