Possession & Visions

Possession & Visions


HostArt Bell

GuestsGordon-Michael Scallion

Futurist, author, and metaphysician, Gordon-Michael Scallion, shared his latest insights on the state of the planet and what is in store for it. He spoke about the rise of possession due to increased activity in the lower astral realms coupled with societal problems that can make people more susceptible to negative influences. Non-physical entities can impress themselves onto physical forms via the etheric body, he explained.

He cited the Middle East as a region that could be thought of as possessed. Scallion shared one of his visions of the future in which Israel drops a number of tactical nukes on Iran. But he conceded that his timeline for predicted earth changes was off, though he still believes they will take place-- in fact, he said the magnetic pole shift has already begun. He sees wind and drought to be a major factor this year, in places where they wouldn't necessarily be expected to occur.

Scallion presented several methods for fending off possession and negative influences. By aligning your bed 15 degrees east of magnetic north, you can give yourself a "nightly tune-up," with improved dream recall, memory and health. The playing of certain music such as Baroque can help clean up the aura, as well as placing an indigo-colored glass on a window during morning light and allowing the light to strike you for about 20 minutes. By doing the light technique for 28 consecutive days, you can break any negative pattern, he added.

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